17 September, 2008

Happy Birthday Big Man!!

I am in some serious denial that my boy turned 10 yesterday!! He had a great day!! It started with the breakfast of his choice, followed up by his gift from mom and dad. He then went to school where mom and baby sis joined him for lunch at school! After school we headed to Rain Forest Cafe for dinner with grandparents, uncle, and cousins!! (I have pics, but they are on my camera phone and I can't upload them yet.) Then we went back to our house for some ice cream cake! In his prayers that night he thanked God for a great birthday! That makes a mom's heart tingle!!

The biggest "growth" he has done this year is to say he doesn't want a party!! Can we sing, "HALLELUJAH!!" He is realizing that it isn't about quantity, but quality! He is choosing to spend the day with his best bud, CJ at the Science Center! So on Sunday, we will pack up the 5 of us and his buddy and spend the day at the Science Center for his birthday!! I am actually excited! No house to clean, no party to plan, no piles of toys that he doesn't need!! I will post about the Science Center on Sunday or shortly thereafter!!

My boy!!
(all my baby pics of him are in his scrapbooks, otherwise I would have posted some really cute and embarrassing ones!!)

I so remember the day I went to the hospital to have you! I was a young naive gal who thought she could take on the whole labor process. I went to Lamaze... I could handle it. The pitocin started and I was working it!! I am SheRA!! I am the MAN!! Not so fast... I thought Demerol would do the trick... nope.... I think I need a walking epidural........ nope....... a full epidural would be good now!! You came into the world and blessed my life so richly! My first born , my baby, my friend, my guy!! You are the most sensitive boy. I love your emotion, but sometimes we need to reign it in. You have a precious love for all God's creatures. I still love the hand-drawn sign " no killing of bugs, leave them in peace" that is posted on our back porch door!! You wear your emotion on your sleeve. That will come in handy when you marry and can show that emotion to you wife. I love you so very much!! I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for you and can't wait to take that journey with you!


  1. Dearest Jessica said...
    Happy birthday nathaniel!!!

    Cool cake!
    Julie said...
    Happy Birthday Nathaniel!! Sept. 16th is shared by two people very near and dear to us!!!

    Love, Chris, Julie, CJ, Caley and Caitlyn =)
    Julie said...
    Sounds like a wonderful day!! I can't believe he's 10!! We love Rainforest Cafe!
    Julie :)
    DanielleW said...
    Happy Birthday Nathaniel!!!!

    I remember that you couldn't come to my wedding because of this little guy. ;o)

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