18 September, 2008

CVS hidden deal!

image: jelsert.com
I went to my CVS yesterday to do my usually weekly shopping. I didn't anticipate getting the box of Fla-vor-ice, but my family is addicted to them and they are ginormous!! There are 48 in the box and they are about a foot long and large in diameter! They were on-sale for $14.99! I figured, " I have the ECB so I will splurge today!" I got to the register and they rang up at $7.49!! BONUS!! Apparently these were considered "summer clearance" ! There is also a $5.00 ECB sticker on them. I didn't get the ECB's because I had reached my limit for that item. (check with your store before purchasing!)
Still, I was doing a CVS happy dance!!
I don't know if these is CVS wide, but I am loving my store right about now!!

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  1. Rachel said...
    Hey! That's awesome. My CVS is so small...it never has any good clearances. Thanks for posting about my carnival. I am so excited. I hope it goes well.

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