08 September, 2008

Good diaper day!!

I headed off to Target today after getting the ad yesterday!! Whoo Hoo!! Luvs were on sale!! Family pack boxed diapers for $15.00 a box! Also if you bought two packs, you got a free $5.00 gift card. I also took my two target coupons -- $2.00 off each box and took my two manufactors coupons $1.00 off one and $2.00 off one!! (Target lets you stack coupons!!) SO... My transaction looked like this:
2 boxes of luvs diapers $15.00 each (on sale) = $30.00
2 target coupons= $2.00
2 man. coupons= $1.00
Plus a $5.00 gift card for next visit

Grand discount = $12.00

That means I walked out paying $18.00 for two family boxes of diapers for my angel! I love it when a plan comes together!!

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  1. Jaime said...
    Check out your new layout...cutesie!!! And friend, I'm off to buy some diapers tonight! Thanks for the tip!

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