01 August, 2008

Summertime Education!

So, during the summer we tend to be lazy on our education mindset.
I can't believe school starts for us in 18 days! Where in the world did the summer go?
Anyway, to get us back in the mood to get back into the swing of school,
we are undertaking a butterfly project. It is from a company called insect lore!
Their website has a ton of great educational games and
informational items to aid in classroom learning and at home!
We were soooo excited when our caterpillars arrived in the mail today!
We are really looking forward to watching them grow into a chrysalis, then we will transport them to their butterfly tent to finish the process into beautiful painted lady butterflies!

I think there is a total of 5 in the jar! This will also be a great teachable moment about our new life in Christ! Should be interesting to see how this goes!


  1. Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...
    We got bought these for Avery's birthday one year. She thought it was the coolest thing ever!
    The only part I didn't like was when they come out of the chrysalis and they get red, blood stuff everywhere. That was kinda gross
    DanielleW said...
    We love, LOVE butterflies. A friend of mine gave me some Monarchs that she had found on milk weeds near her house. It was the coolest experience EVER. We tried to do it again last year but didn't have much success. The ones that we gave to other people flourished though. I have my eye on several milk weed patches to try again this year. They are so fascinating.
    Julie said...
    We use Insect Lore at my school. We order the caterpillars every year and the kids just love watching them, they walk in the door looking for them!

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