31 July, 2008

Yup, that would be a GARAGE SALE!! Oh, I hate them with a passion, but it is necessary!! With the addition of our 5th member, we are getting a bit claustrophobic with all the "stuff". It is time to purge! Not only that, I am in need of a new dining room table to fit us all. That is where most of the $$ earned will go! It is going to be next Sat. at my mom's house! (Are you crazy... I ain't having it at my house!:o) I will keep you posted on our outcome!!
Oh, I pray it doesn't rain!


  1. Under the Florida Sun said...
    If gas wasn't so expensive and we could fit a Disney trip in while we were down there, I'd love to come by and check it out. LOL.

    Have fun getting it all together :-)
    Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...
    OH, good luck. I don't like all the work and prep but I sure do love haggling.
    Jess said...
    I am trying to get one of these together too!

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