13 August, 2008

One last summer Horray!!

Summer is coming to a close! Sniff, sniff!! I am glad to see the kids back at school and back to a routine! I was getting a bit tired of hearing, "what are we doing today, mom!" I did as good as I could keeping them entertained and stimulated! The baby created a bit of a challenge in that dept. Bless her little heart, she is a trooper! Our last summer adventure was to celebrate the start of a new school year at Disney for a Character Breakfast! SO much fun!! (my tastebuds were doing a happy dance!!) We got together with some friends that we have been hanging with all summer to celebrate with them too! What a great day! After the breakfast, we went down the resort beach and let them run around a bit! The summer certainly ended with a bang!!
Enjoy the pictures!!

The group and Mary Poppins!

"This is my bro. and my sis!"

This was before she started to SCREAM!!

The four of us at the "beach"!!

The first experience with sand.

The sand was a hit!!

By everyone!! Have a good year at school!!


  1. Kelly said...
    How fun! I love Savannah's headband pictures. Lucy's head doesn't quite fit in hers yet!
    Under the Florida Sun said...
    How fun!!
    Our season passes become unblocked this weekend. My DH and girls can't wait to go back. I can... at least till it cools down some..
    But I have a feeling I'll be out voted.
    I love breakfast at Disney!! Yumo!!
    Jess said...
    What a fun day!

    Savannah is so cute there are the beach!

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