07 February, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday!

Okay... I concede!  Congrats to the Packers!  I have to admit... I was a lot irritated at how the Steelers played at times.  Too many turnovers!  Never the less... it was a good game! 

I was very annoyed at the biased reporting.  I felt the two sportscasters' reporting of the game was very one sided in favor of the Packers.  And really...  could we stop focusing on Ben's sin and report the game play.  Was it really necessary to show newspaper articles about a man's sin that happened last year?  I think NOT.   They had him failing in the game before it even started because of moral failure.  This game wasn't about a time for Ben's redemption, but for a team to be a team and play football!   Okay... off my soap box.

Let's talk about the entertainment for one second!  WHAT IN THE WORLD?  I personally thought it was terrible.. from the national anthem to the black eyed peas!  The audio was off (aka they sounded horrible), the choreography was cheesy, and I just thought they could have done better...

 Our half-time entertainment was singing Happy Birthday to my hubby!  I tried to convince him that the only cake they had was a SB one!  LOL!  It was yummy!  He didn't get a Steeler victory for his birthday, but with the season being over... time for NASCAR!  That makes him VERY happy!
I still love the Steelers and will always be a hometown girl! 
We will be back next year ready to rumble!!!


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