25 October, 2010

My birthday weekend!

Yes, birthday's only come around once a year, so we make it a weekend celebration!!!  So this weekend was mine!!!!!!!!

It started on my actual birthday which was Friday!!  I woke up to so many birthday greeting on my Facebook account that I couldn't count them all or respond to them all!  I know ppl can say what they will about the social networking sites, but when it comes to feeling the love.... I will take it!  My genius and creative son also made me an awesome 4d lego birthday card!  We are all there including the dog!! 

Then after the sending the kids off to school, hubby came back home and told me he was taking the day off from work and we were going out for breakfast!  My favorite... First Watch!!!!  (yes, I am a member of their Sun-e club and had a free breakfast coupon!  Still gotta save on your birthday!!!) So hubby, me , and Monkey went to breakfast! 

You don't think I would cook for dinner do you?  Nope... off to Urban Flatts for dinner! ( I had a $10 off a purchase of $20 that I won at the southern women's show!)  We came home for a yummy ice cream cake--  One of our family's personal favorite cakes.  Hubby put the kids to bed, and I relaxed in front of the TV!

Saturday morning, we went to the Science Center for the afternoon.  Very nice and relaxing and the kids had fun!  After we got home, I jumped back in the car and headed to pick up my girl friends for a night at the Epcot Food and Wine festival!!  MMMMMMMM!!!!!!  What could be better?!  Girlfriends, food, and entertainment!  ( NO KIDS!)  Ireland was my personal favorite of the night!  Lobster and scallops Shepard's pie with a plate of fantastic cheeses!! 

Sunday we had our morning at church-- always the highlight of my week!  Then off to my mom's house for lunch and some cookie cake!!  Thank goodness my birthday only comes around once a year.  I am exhausted, but loved!!!!

See you next year!!!!


  1. The Real Me! said...
    How fun! It sounds like you had a wonderful Birthday Weekend.
    We took the family to the Science Center not to long ago. It had changed a lot since I had been there last and the IMAX movie was down so that was a bummer.
    Have a fabulous Monday.
    McCrakensx4 said...
    Sounds like a fantastic birthday weekend! Yummy to all of the goodies and that 4d card is amazing! Here's to another wonderful year! Happy Happy Kelly!

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