03 August, 2010

This mamma has been one busy little bee!!  I stripped, painted, designed, and did my magic this past weekend!  Princess now has her own room.  Sure... before her "room" was in the loft, but it was not private and really wasn't her own!  It is now!  She is just thrilled!!  After we took the daybed out of her "room" and gave it to Monkey-- which she is still over the moon over-- we searched craigs list for the bed of Princess' dreams!  We really needed something that would give us storage, be functional,  and save space.  
There isn't too much room in the loft so ....
Here is our journey!!
Computer... OUT, tv ...OUT, toys... OUT,

Paint Colors picked... design decided!!!!
BOTTOM:  Tan paint with sand texture thrown in to resemble the sand at the beach!
TOP:  Sea blue for the ocean
MIDDLE:  blues/ greens glass iridescent tiles!

To divide the room from the rest of the upstairs (since there is NO wall), I put up curtains.   Then we got some material and made tie backs for the curtains so when she wants it to be open an airy (lofty) she can tie them back!!!  (yes, PC... I made them! )

Add new bed!!!  Loft bed with a dresser and desk built into it!!  HUGE space saver!!  There is even a trundle bed underneath for sleepovers!  Also behind the dresser and desk portion is a HUGE storage area with a door to get in.  She has deemed this area NOT storage, but her clubhouse!  (she is waiting for her dad to install Christmas lights for added affect!

WOW, it was a lot of work, but SO worth it!!  I really feel like she deserved this room!  She was sharing a room with her sister and her brother from time to time!  She  gave up her room that she had since she was 2 years old to little monkey without a second thought!  I feel like we accomplished all the MUSTS that I needed to do in this room!  A. keep it flexible (can still be a loft )  B. maximize the space  C.  make it hers D. enable us to use the space in our home the best way we can to make everyone comfortable AND stay here till the market improves.

We will be adding some Dolphin stuff to the room!   She  LOVES dolphins!  And I am looking for a lamp that shoots waves onto the ceiling!

I have to go take a break now!!  :o)  My boy has decided that his "rescue heroes" room isn't old enough for him now!!  Can only imagine what he wants me to do with his room next!
Have a great week!!!!!!!!


  1. the Lawlor's said...
    WOW, Kelly! This room makeover is AWESOME!!! I love, love, love the "beach scene" on the wall. The sand and water/sky with the tiles...it's so simple yet detailed, beautiful and perfect!!!! Great job!! I am impressed! :)
    Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...
    very cool. and I'm sure they enjoy each having their own space
    MomLovesDeals said...
    I love that bed!! What a great find!
    The Not So Perfect Housewife said...
    Looks great!! Love the colors
    McCrakensx4 said...
    How fun! Love your design and color scheme! And great bed...I am sure she will have lots of fun in her clubhouse!
    Debra Kaye said...
    Kelly, your blog looks wonderful, honey. I know I haven't seen you in forever. I need to send you a private email. This backpack looks precious for the little ones going back to school. Hard to believe it is already that time of year again!

    God bless you!

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