05 July, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

We didn't go to any "fireworks shows" for the 4th this year!  It was raining and gross, so we figured we would wait a day and then put on our own show!  Yikes!  Did I honestly just give hubby permission to buy some fireworks to blow up in our culdesac?  By george, I think I did....  My brother and niece and nephew came over and added to the contraband!  After I found the only pile off dog poop in the yard by stepping in it ... we were off to "blow up the culdesac"!  Monkey was not happy!!  She kept saying, " I go home now" and " people scaring me"!  She like the small, quiet, colorful ones though!  The night was good!  We were surrounded by MANY others blowing up their culdesacs!  No injuries and only one shell on a neighbors car!  Oops!

As soon as we were done,  the skies  opened up and rained again.  It was if God was putting out our "fires" for us and making  sure no sparks were still sparking anywhere in our town!  

Happy 4th everyone! 

holding tight to daddy!
My boy with a monster sparkler!
Now time for the roman candle
Not too thrilled!
One of the fireworks we shot up!  It was quite a show!
Gee, I forgot to ask hubby if his pyrotechnic license was still valid?!  
Enjoy your week!!!!


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