09 June, 2010

"Mom , I'm bored!"

NOPE... don't wanna hear it!!  I am going to be proactive this summer!!!  We have summer camps booked, outings planned, play dates scheduled, and crafts ready!!  We made a trip to Jo Ann Fabrics and went craft shopping to kick off the summer!!  Paint, projects, foam board, brushes, etc.... I am stocked!!!  
They are only permitted one craft per day!  (gotta make em last!)
Some crafts they make this summer will become christmas gifts!!! 
Woo hoo... I love killing two birds with one stone! 

Painting Wood Letters 
I saw this idea on someones blog and not for the life of me can't remember who!!  Anyway... thanks!
The kids got paint and decorated their wood letters to their liking ! Here are the "angels" actually getting
along momentarily!  I love their finished projects!

 Yes, I added some finishing touches to Monkey's but the rest she did by herself! They did a great job making them unique and a reflection of themselves!!! Can't wait to hang them in their rooms for them!!!
Let me know if you have any great craft ideas for the summer that we can "borrow"!!
Stay tuned for the next exciting summer craft adventure!
Enjoy your weekend!!!

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  1. MomLovesDeals said...
    How sweet! Here are three more blogs to get more ideas. I love how creative these people are and how easy they are to follow. :)

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