31 May, 2010

1.  When you can't find your 2 year old ANYWHERE at home... don't forget to look in your car! OYE!

2.  Happy Memorial Day to everyone!  I am so grateful for my dad and brother's sacrifice and boy did they sacrifice!

3.  You will never know what kind of visitors to expect down her in good ole FL.!!  Went out in the am to check the pool temperature at my mom's.  There he was... a huge FL softshell turtle!  Don't know how he got there.  The nearest swamp, lake, or stream was miles away.  He must have been on a great journey!   We caught him, kept him hydrated till my dad got home , and then set him free at a local lake!!  Steve Irwin would be so proud!

4. A big scary stuffed armadillo caused temporary paralysis in monkey tonight at dinner!
YUP... I'd be scared too!!!  ( and yes, dinner was at Texas Roadhouse!)

5.  Boys, frogs, and lake water WILL make your van stink!  The boys got home from camping and proceeded tell me a tale of boys who were on their way home from canoeing.  They rode in MY nice flowery smelling van.  They also told me how they brought home some friends that they had found while at the lake!  Frogs... yes,  they brought home a "bag" of frogs.  No... they were not secure so when they finally arrived back at their destination, they had a "frog hunt"  ... IN MY VAN!  Gee , I hope they got them all.  Needless to say, we spent a portion of the weekend cleaning, vacuuming , and deodorizing my van!  Boy it smelled!


  1. DysFUNctional Mom said...
    I LOVE turtles! I keep expecting to find one in our yard, but not yet.
    That ginormous armadillo would scare me too!
    The Real Me! said...
    Frog legs for supper? LOL!
    We have gopher turtles all over the place here. I think because they can dig in the sand easier than soil. That's my theory at least. LOL!

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