19 April, 2010

1. Florida weather can turn on a dime! Princess looked outside and said, "dad, can we go for a bike ride?" Dad said, "sure.." So princess, dad , and monkey strapped on the helmets-- off they went!! 4 minutes later DOWNPOUR!!!! I mean raining buckets.... "dad, can we go home now?" "sure... QUICKLY!" I actually got in the van and drove around to find them huddled in a neighbors garage! Poor monkey didn't know what to think!!

2. Taking a road trip with 8 women is a blast! Saturday was our annual MOPS leadership Summit (conference). It was being held in Denver, CO, but had multiple local host locations via simulcast. Our closest was Tampa... so 8 of our leadership team set out!! We had such a great time of fellowship & encouragement! My gal I co-coordinate with just had a baby 2 weeks ago.... that girl hoofed it to Tampa with us! Girl has got some passion for MOPS!

3. Can't end a road trip without a fun dinner! We stopped off at Chilis on the way home. The fellowship was sweet, and we met two very interesting ppl! They were two teenagers trying to win a scholarship in a program called "stuck at prom" sponsored by Duck Brand Duct Tape!! They were on their way to prom in their "duct tape" attire!! Check it out!

The guy has a jacket that goes with it! Their outfits are totally made of duct tape! You can find out more about their journey at their FB page HERE! (be their fan!!) You can find out more about the scholarship contest HERE! (voting info. is on the site!) Some of the winners from past years are fantastic!!
Hope you all had a great weekend!! Have a good week!!!


  1. Darcie said...
    Good for those two...so creative they are with duct tape. Glad you had a fun road trip...I can imagine it was a blast!

    Happy Monday!
    Jenn said...
    Love the duct tape outfits! fancy!
    I saw a couple on tv recently in gum wrapper prom dress & suit!! bizarre!!
    Road trip sounds fun!! When my babies were little I had a mops group of sorts... but now I hang with the other soccer moms!! too funny! =)
    DysFUNctional Mom said...
    You gotta love this crazy weather. I thought for sure it was going to storm today, but I woke up this afternoon and it was sunny!
    Love the duct tape outfits. My son is going to prom this Friday, I should've suggested this to him! HA
    Lydia said...
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