23 April, 2010

I mentioned a couple of months ago that princess auditioned and was picked to be in the local theaters first self produced show called Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat!!  The whole cast has been working super hard and long hours!!  They are all volunteers and have put their heart and soul into making this an awesome first run at the theater!!!  Princess... comes home each night and goes over the music and does her motions.  She is so cute and so passionate about the show!!!
 Here she is larger than life!!  What a drama queen!!!  The  local newspaper did an article on the show and stated how impressed everyone was with the cast of kids!!!  There are 23 of them split into 2 teams so 11 and 12 perform on alternating nights!!
The directors and the entire tech crew have been awesome!!!  The kids choir director and the kids music director are FABULOUS with the kids.  They threw a big bowling party before rehearsals started so the kids could get to know each other and the directors.  The guy who is playing Joseph even came to "connect" with the kids!!  I swear he looks just like Donny Osmond in the DVD version.   They teach them techniques by using games!!!  I am just loving  this whole experience for her.  Granted the rehearsal schedule was grueling... but I think it will be worth it.  We will see if this has given her the same acting bug as her dad had growing up!

Tonight is opening night!!!  Good luck drama diva!!!  I love you!!!!  You GO GIRL!!!!

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  1. Evelyn said...
    I have the Donny Osmond Dvd version which I LOVE! Would like to see it on stage. It is such an amazing tale.

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