04 January, 2010

Did you say NO tv?

Yup, I did!!! Our church is challenging us as they do each year the first full week of the new year to go through a "TV Fast" for one week! A "FAST" is when you take something you love or dominates your life and you give it up for a period of time. The idea is to re-focus our priorities and do something better with our time, preferably... spending more time in the word, with our families, or just realizing our lives aren't run or held captive by the "boob tube"!!

So today we start our week long family "tv fast"!! This should be good! I stress it ...isn't a "media" fast as of now! Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to post all week about our progress!! Baby steps people! The kids took the news rather well. They said "okay"! I think they would start to shake and sweat bullets if we were doing a "media and tv" fast, but that still isn't out of the question! This could backfire on our part though. If they fast from TV then they may realize they CAN be okay w/o their favorite shows and then I won't have any "currency" to take away from them for bad behavior, cuz it won't matter! They did a Wii marathon yesterday to get it out of their system! Since the TV's don't come on, neither does the Wii!! Hard, since they just got it for Christmas, but they are doing okay so far!!

Question of the day... NO we do not have a DVR or Tivo! So no recording! Some of you are quaking in your boots right now thinking about "favorite show" withdrawal! I challenge you!! DO it for a week and see how much richer your week will be!! I will keep you posted on how we do!


  1. Kathy C. said...
    I believe you can do it my friend! :) We haven't watched TV in over 10 years! :) Now, don't get me wrong, we watch movies and documentaries on DVD, but we haven't watched a TV show or news or sports or anything on our TV. You can do it ~ the kids will survive!
    Christina said...
    That's an interesting challenge. I can only imagine the revolt my kids would have at the mere mention of no TV, but really there more media than TV.
    He & Me + 3 said...
    That is a good challenge. I don't watch TV so I would have to give up blogging. Yikes. That would be hard.
    McCrakensx4 said...
    You go girl! I don't so much as watch TV as have it on for the noise! I am wierd that way...except to go to bed....I put it on to make me sleepy! During the school week it wouldn't be too hard, as we are not home a lot...the weekend would be a different story...'specially from all the sports they would miss! Can't wait to read all about it!
    Jen Meyer said...
    You realize that you missed the season premier of the Bachelor, right? That is a sacrifice!
    Alexis AKA MOM said...
    Oh girl, I'm not sure I could do it if my church asked me to. Can I do the bake sale, lick stamps, mail letters :).

    and no DVR. Oh girl you're so good!!

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