02 November, 2009

Halloween weekend fun!!

I can't believe my last post of weeks ago!  Oh, well... life happens!!  We had a really fun Halloween weekend!!  It started off with NO SCHOOL on Friday!!  Woo hoo!!  Then the kids' friends came over to play.  They stayed the day and went to our churches FALL FESTIVAL with us!  WHAT A FESTIVAL!  Carnival games AND rides, food galore, friend, candy, music, contests... the list is neverending!  Thanks RL... we had an awesome time!  After we left the festival, the "friends" spent the night.  Of course they were up late enjoying each other's company!

The next morning, I made orange pancakes for breakfast.  Duh, it was Halloween!  We took our friends home and then off to join the rest of our cub scout den at the campground.  We played games, decorated pumpkins, put on our costumes, and trick or treated from tent to tent!  After that we had a movie under the stars!!  What a great weekend. 

Monkey did okay... she was pretty exhausted from the late nights and long days  which of course brought out her terrible two' oh so nicely!!  :o)  Enjoy the pictures of both of our days!



Have a great week everyone!!  See you next post!!


  1. Christina said...
    Awe.... Monkey looks adorable. They all look adorable. Looks like you all had a fun time.
    McCrakensx4 said...
    Looks like so much fun...great costumes, but really like the Twister Game!! Too cute!

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