19 September, 2009

Today was Princess's first softball game and opening day !!!  All the teams had to be there early for pictures, then they had opening day ceremonies, and then PLAY BALL!!  For their very first game... they did GREAT!!  They had fun, remembered what their coaches-- which happen to be hubby and Princess's best friend's dad-- had taught them, and hit some balls!!  Yeah, girls!!  I think this is going to be a fantastic season!  She is on a team with her best friend and her cousin!  What could be better!  Enjoy the pics!!

All the girls have nicknames on their shirts!!  Fun to see them all!

Opening ceremony!!

My princess and her cousin!!

Hey, batter batter....  SWING!!  No really.... SWING!!

Playing second base!!  She did a great job and even made a play!



  1. He & Me + 3 said...
    I love the nickname Idea...too cute. I am cracking up at the swing batter...no seriously...swing. LOL
    McCrakensx4 said...
    How fun! Love the nickname idea! Cute! Looks like a beautiful day for some softball!
    Kathy C. said...
    Kelly, sweet pics...I remember the baseball days with my son - precious memories! I love the nick-name, lol...I had to giggle, because Kim and I have "bird" nick names, hee hee.

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