21 September, 2009

A little help pls.!

If anyone out there in bloggy land is really good with blog layouts and fixing issues... pls let me know.  I don't have $$ for a real designer to take this on, currently have 2 issues with a blog for the church that I am trying to fix and am pulling my hair out doing it. I just need a little direction.   I am not good with HTML so be gentle. 

Issue # 1  -- my layout calls for a Navigation menu.  I can't get it to show up for the life of me.  I have done what they said to do and can't get it to show up.

Issue #2 --  My date stamp on the posts are ALL April 17 , 2009.  I put a new post up today and it still said april 17.  UGH...

http://mopsatreallife.blogspot.com is the site.  

I am literally going bonkers!  Anyone?


  1. Robyn said...
    Sorry you are having such trouble. Try this blog
    She might have the know how to help you. She is an execlent person with great idea's and tips.
    Good luck and i hope you can get it all figured out.
    He & Me + 3 said...
    I am not good either, but you can also contact Erica from Scotsville. Her blog address is http://d6scotts.blogspot.com/
    She is really good with HTML and she is one of the other 5 moms from my other blog...if you don't know her.
    McCrakensx4 said...
    Oh DITTO what MiMi said! Erica is a self proclaimed computer geek and super sweet! Hope you get the help you need!
    Kathy C. said...
    I wish I could help. I go to Kim for all my blog needs because I am quite illiterate in that way. I hope you get a helping hand!!!

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