11 August, 2009

Another new BFF!!

Purex Complete 3-in-1!
I am so happy to have found you my new bff! Who knew a laundry product could make my life easier! It is so simple! Pull a sheet out, plop it in while the water is running, and then add the clothes. No measuring, no spill, no residue left on the washer from the spilled liquid, no powder spilled on the floor! Best of all, I can have my hubby OR kids do the laundry. I KNOW they can't screw it up! Do you know how many times I have forgotten to add softener in the wash and a dryer sheet in the dryer! NO MORE!

After the wash runs (with mountains of foaming bubbles mind you!) you take out the whole load sheet included and throw it in the dryer. No more forgetting and having the clothes come out sticking to each other and making my hair stand on end! The clothes smell so good too!!

Yes, society is getting lazy, but this is one laziness I can afford to be lazy about. Saves time, mess, and $$ because I don't have to run the wash again when I forget to add everything!!

Thanks for coming into my life Purex Complete. I see the start of a beautiful friendship!


  1. Anonymous said...
    My kids like these too. I have a front loading washing machine so I cut mine in half length-wise. This has been working out great and I can get 40 loads from one box. I think I may use the container for markers or something in my classroom this year.

    Dianna M.
    He & Me + 3 said...
    How cool. I used to use purex all the time until I smelled gain. But purex is making some great scents too now. I may have to try these. Sounds very cool and convenient.

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