18 July, 2009

Monkey's first haircut!!

We have been getting annoyed with MAlign Centeronkey's hair being in her face, but have waited to cut it until we could take her down to the Magic Kingdom for her first haircut. At the Harmony Barber Shop on Main Street USA, they make it a big to do!! The Harmony Barber Shop is located on a corner of Main Street in the Magic Kingdom. The shop opened in 1975 and is a tourist attraction that doubles as a working hair cuttery. It's an old-fashioned barber shop with a 100-year-old hat rack, a mechanical cash register of similar vintage and occasional appearances by Main Street's "Dapper Dans," a roving barbershop quartet.

That day has come!! She did great! She sat very still and just soaked up all the attention! They put tons of stickers on her shirt to keep her occupied! They saved ALL the hair they cut off for me, and gave her a nice certificate commemorating this fun day. The best part for Monkey, was her Mouse ears! They say "first haircut" on the back!! Too cute!

Gettin' her "first haircut" ears!!!

OMGoodness... look at her looking at herself in the mirror!!

So much fun! I highly recommend visiting the Barber shop if you are at the MK!! Old and young alike will love it! While we were waiting, a 30 something got his hair cut and they spiked it up with blue gel!! So fun!! They even do "pixie dust" in the hair for the kiddos ! Guess you will have to come and see what that is all about! :o)


  1. McCrakensx4 said...
    She looks great! And what a fun first hair cut exsperience!!! I wish we were just able to hop over to MK whenever...so much fun! Love the ears too!
    He & Me + 3 said...
    That is just the cutest thing ever. Did your other two get their haircuts there? Love the Mickey ears, did they come with the cut? So cute!
    Under the Florida Sun said...
    So adorable. Love the one with her looking at herself in the mirror.

    I keep trying to get my girls to go in there.. but no luck.

    My nephew did it when they came to visit one year and loved it. They jelled him all up with glitter and stuff.. it was great.

    What a great thing to do for a first haircut!!
    Jessica said...
    She looked so cute looking at herself in the mirroe! What a great way to mark your first haircut, can't think of a better place than the MK *grin*!
    Jaime said...
    Now Monkey and Peanut look like twins with their new bangs :) She looks like such a big girl (sigh)!

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