08 June, 2009

"UP" we go!!

Sunday we had the opportunity to go and see the new movie by Disney/Pixar called "UP"! I am sure you have all heard about it , seen the trailers, and heard the buzz! It was EXCELLENT! I wasn't really prepared for the story line. The trailers don't get to the heart of the movie. Without giving too much away... it had adventure, love, sadness, laughter, sweetness, and respect!! My guys just loved it because it had "cub scout" like character! It really showed the kids a little bit about the side of getting old!! Hubby has been working on some press events and "meet and greets" for the movie, so it was nice for him to see the movie that he has been working so hard to promote!
Best advice from the movie! Make new adventures each day! What you think may not be an adventure to you, is indeed a marvelous adventure to someone, so make it count!!

The 3D aspect of the movie is incredible. Best I have seen in a LONG time! You have to see this in the theater. It will be worth every penny of the extra $2.00 charge for 3D!! :o) (And invest in a box of tissues!) For a complete synopsis of the movie and family friendly guide you can go to Kids in Mind!


  1. He And Me + 3 said...
    My oldest saw it already, and she loved it. just waiting till summer vacation to take the other two. Thanks for the review.
    McCrakensx4 said...
    Thanks for the review. Everyone that has seen it, is raving about it! We are hoping to take ours this week, maybe next!Can't wait!
    Brittani said...
    I agree! It was great! We saw it on vacation, but not in 3D... Anna and Mat are not big 3D fans. Bradley and I will see it in 3D another time. Great movie!
    Alicia W. said...
    I have got to go see this movie everyone is talking about. FUN!!

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