13 June, 2009

1. This weekend I learned that when the baby isn't asleep 40 minutes into naptime, you should probably go check on her! Checking on her led to complete horror!! "Brown" , and I don't mean chocolate, EVERYWHERE!!!! I am aware that she takes off her diaper in her bed if given access, however I neglected to check the skirt I put on her. Yup, easy access! Instant bath, clean sheets, clean crib, clean wall , and clean blankies!! Ah, just what I wanted to do on a Saturday!!! :o)

2. A baby monitor on the fritz WILL act up NOT during the day, but in the middle of the night. We had no choice but to unplug the thing until hubby figures it out! Monkey was sick too, so I made hubby sleep in the room with her because I couldn't hear her via monitor!! Good hubby!!!

3. This was the last weekend for Star Wars Weekend at the Hollywood Studios, so daddy and my boy went down to meet and greet for a couple of hours. I don't think you can ever grow out of being a Star Wars fan!!

4. The kids finished up week at Animal Kingdom camp down at Disney! Boy did they have fun! My girl was so exhausted she asked me NOT to go to gymnastics! I think that meant they did their job!! :o) The kids both had disposable cameras with them, so I will post pics when I get them developed. Considering I have cameras to be developed from 1 year ago, if may be a while... I will work on that.

5. Well, the Orlando Magic lost the NBA finals! Lakers are just a better team-- a better team in the playing side, but our Dwight Howard is a great role model and stand up guy!! Thanks for being such a great person for our kids to look up to!!! We are still the Eastern Conference champions and they can't take that away from us!! :o)

6. Sunday we made a trip to the beach. My girlfriend scored a condo there and invited us out for her daughter's birthday. This was monkey's first trip to the beach to actually play! (last time was too cold and we were bundled from head to toe) Pics to follow!!

7. If you send your husband down to the beach with the kids while the baby is napping, you HAVE tattoo "reapply the sunscreen" on the kids backside so he remembers! Poor kids are crispy!! It is all good!! Maybe the kids will remind him next time if they don't' wanna get burnt!!


  1. McCrakensx4 said...
    The Animal Kingdom camp sounds like fun, bet my boys would love it; on the other hand, pooply blow out NOT so fun!
    But the beach is always fun, even if there are some crispy chilren! Happy Week!
    Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...
    oh how yuck is that! Hope she is feeling better and you can fix the monitor.. I hate when ours goes on the fritz in the middle of the night... drives me CRAZY!
    Christina said...
    Oh no! I feel for you. What a mess.
    and crispy kids... how miserable!

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