03 June, 2009

Conversation with Nannie!

This girl just cracked me up! Nannie called on the phone to talk to her sister /brother. Well, that was not going over very well, so she got her turn! She babbled on and on. You can actually hear Nannie on the other end of the phone because we have it on speaker phone so we can hear Nannie and rescue her if need be! When nannie says,"bye" , she waves and then pretends to hang it up and put it down! What a tune!!! You can definately tell she is one of ours.... she walks around the whole house talking on the phone.... I need to put a GPS on it when the other two kids have the phone so I can find them!!



  1. McCrakensx4 said...
    That is just the cutest thing EVER!!!! We have a Nannie too! I love Monkey's skirt and barrette!
    He And Me + 3 said...
    Could she be any cuter? A typical girl on the phone...can't sit still. Too funny.
    Alicia W. said...
    I could just eat her up. So dern cute. We have a Nana and Nonney! :o)
    Kelly said...
    Seriously - how cute is she!?! She seems like such a big girl in this video. Lucy is walking and talking on her cell now too. Cracks me up!
    Kelly said...
    hey Kelly, I just realized I never heard from you, so maybe you missed it.
    You won my contest on my question/answer post. YaY!!!

    Sneak over there when you have a chance, so you can pick your prize. :)

    here is a direct link...

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