05 May, 2009

Science Fair

Tonight was the kids' presentations of what they did for the school wide science fair! They look forward to this all year! After they present their science experiment and are asked questions by the judges during the school day, at night all the parents come to see what they did. It is at this time too that the kids see if they got ribbons!! My boy's group got second in his class and princess got a participation ribbon! They both did a great job! (and they had fun!)

Great job guys!!


  1. Debra said...
    Oh Kelly ... that is just awesome. I'm glad you saw Josh at church when we weren't there...makes me proud, ya know.

    Let's try to get together soon! :)
    Christina said...
    I'm behind this week and am just now playing catch up.

    Congrats to your kiddos. That is awesome. YOu must be so proud. I just love bragging on my kids!

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