14 May, 2009


Oh, my... where in the world did the last 8 years go? Oh, how I wish I could slow time down! My baby is turning 8!! I say my baby, because for a while she was my baby... for 7 years she was my baby, until Monkey came! This is really bizarre! Today she is 8, tomorrow she will 20! Ugh... I dare not go to that train of thought right now. I need to keep my blood pressure down!

My girl on her dedication day! (6months old)
Oh, princess,

Today you turn 8! Where did the years go? I remember you as a little peanut looking up at me wanting me to hold you. I remember you getting the croup and going to the ER. I remember you making friends so easily. You are definitely a social butterfly! I watch you grow and mature daily. I watch you harass your brother, but in the next breath... get upset because he will miss out on something you know he would enjoy! I watch you tend to your brother and sister when they are sick-- when I let you get near them! I remember sitting in the ER when you had pneumonia getting stuck with needles thinking, just do it to me instead! I try my best to be the best example of a God fearing mama, but you know I fall short sometimes. You forgive so easily! Your eyes just light up a room! Your laughter is the best medicine! I can't wait to see what you become! A Vet, a rock star, and gymnast, a writer... it changes daily, but I can't wait!

We love you so much! The Lord has his hand on you to do great things! Greater things are still to come!!

Happy Birthday!

Love , Mom, Dad, big brother and monkey!!

( we have a great weekend planned so check back!!)


  1. Dearest Jessica said...
    Happy Birthday Sweet girl!! You do have amazing Guys.

    Enjoy your weekend!
    The Real Me! said...
    Oh my friend, your words reflect such love for your daughter. It it does go by fast. My youngest just turned 4 and my oldest is going to be 16 this year. Yikes. Slow it down.
    Wish her a Happy Birthday for me.
    Under the Florida Sun said...
    Ahh. 8. I love that age. Well i love all the ages, but I remember 8 being so fun!!

    Happy Birthday to her!!
    Julie said...
    Happy Birthday! I hope she has a great one!!!
    Christina said...
    What a lovely post.
    Happy Birthday to the Princess!
    He And Me + 3 said...
    Happy Birthday to Princess. Wow she looked like Monkey when she was little.
    McCrakensx4 said...
    Oh, my baby just turned 8 this past Sunday! They grow up too fast, don't they! Happy Birthday to Princess!!

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