18 April, 2009

1. I didn't realize my dog could jump REALLY high. She bolted out the back door after a duck while my son attempted to hook her up to her chain. The duck took off and up went the dog. No she didn't get it, but it was close! Guess we should re-think the height of any fence we may want to build!

2. If you read the directions wrong on a box of soft pretzels, you will overcook it and cause a nasty stench in your kitchen! Not to mention a soft pretzel that isn't so soft and a plastic plate with a hole in it!

3. I am convinced that Monkey's cough isn't allergies or asthma. At least this week anyway! Her green snot and fever are back! Off to the dr. again on Monday!

4. Kids got their report cards on Friday! They both did amazing! I am going to be broke if they keep this up!! (they get a dollar for each "A" and 50 cents for each "B") FCAT grades will come back for my boy next month!

5. The boys went camping for the weekend: $20.00, My girl spent the night at grandma's: $0.00, monkey went to bed: some Tylenol and cough medicine, a night alone -the tv, me, and a cup of tea.... PRICELESS!!

6. Monkey is now signed up for infant swim survival ! She starts April 27th for two weeks! This should be interesting! We found a fabulous lady from our church who has taught swim for over 30 years! She is so sweet and just loves these little ones to death. Yes, monkey is only 15 month old, but this is the best time. The tears at this point aren't because they are afraid of the water, but because they are being separated from mom! This is opportune time in their life to start cultivating a love and respect for the water!

7. We went down to our annual Bloom and Grow Festival downtown! The Shriner's had a camel there. The kids decided they HAD to "get a kiss from the camel"! Picture mom, me, cringing and ready to lunge into action as this huge camel head came at my children's faces! They survived!! (so did I!) We also got a new set of lady bugs! Yes, real lady bugs! This year I am pleading and threatening that they NOT be let loose in my house! :o) They are staying on the back porch in the butterfly house or else!! Now, I am forced to go buy raisins and Gatorade otherwise, I will be known as the lady bug killer! Sorry, monkey, gotta borrow your raisins!


  1. Lori said...
    a quiet night to yourself is always a great treat!
    pam said...
    Sounds like a very busy weekend.

    The camel would of scared me as well:)
    He And Me + 3 said...
    I don't get many quiet nights...they are priceless. Sorry to hear that Monkey is not feeling well again. Hope she is better soon.

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