07 April, 2009

Glade Sense and Spray!!!

Okay, I really don't like all these "air" fresheners! You know, the kind that you plug in to a socket or sit on your counter from companies like Glade, AirWick, Renuizit... The list goes on! I think there are WAY too many and a huge waste of money! The ones you plug in smell for about 1 week and then you lose the smell. It sort of blends in to the rest of the smells or the smells in your house, like mine, overpower the little thingy plugged into the wall! Or take the silly little gels that disappear into nothing claiming to freshen the air. Whatever... don't know where that scent went! Oops , I think the scent absorbed into the dog--cuz the dog is all I smell.

Anyway, taking me to my point! Yes, you knew I would get there! I have found one that I like!! The Glade Sense and Spray is new! I was skeptical, but I had a $4.00 off coupon and CVS had them on sale. I paid .99 cents for it! Anyway... I tried it. The idea is that you put it on your counter and it sprays. It then locks for 30 minutes, then when it senses motion, it sprays again and repeats the process. The concept is to get more for your money and make it last longer by not using it all up quickly! It also allows the scent to be released when it is needed so you don't "get used to the scent" and not be able to smell it after a while. If you need an extra spray , you can just hit the "boost" button to spray and reset the 30 minute lock out!

Now, at first I had it in my kitchen. Then I moved it to the family room. Neither place was working well for me. I couldn't get the "motion" sensor to work. The directions told me that it needed to be places where it had a lot of light so that the sensor could see the difference in a "change of light" thus triggering the motion sensor. Okay.... Both my rooms were obviously not light enough. I looked like a dork walking back and forth and waving at the thing! "Mommy is just crazy that is all , kids!"

Then it hit me... the half bathroom. I put it in there with the light on. I turned out the light and POOF.... it went off! Reset and 30 minutes later, I went in turned on the light, did my business, turned out the light and POOF smelling fresh and flowery!! I am thinking it is more of a light sensor than a motion sensor.... because it needed the "casting of a shadow" to trigger the motion. I guess you could call it both!! They work together. ANYWHO.... I am loving my Sense and Spray! It doesn't waste the smell and right after the "dirty work" a fresh puff is released after I turn off the light!! I am sure many other places could work, but the best place for me that works the best is in my bathroom! Give her a try!
(no I have not been paid for this review!)


  1. Samantha said...
    Hi Kelly, Thanks for stopping by my blogs. I really enjoyed reading through yours. Thanks for todays post, I will try these, I havent had much luck in the past as you, but this sounds nice for our small downstairs bathroom, so will try.
    Have a truly blessed day.
    pam said...
    We have one on the shelf going down our steps to the basement. I love it! We have had it a week now, and it is still going strong. They are $10 here though. I will have to look for them when I come to the US, much better deal there!
    He And Me + 3 said...
    I heard about these from another blogger too...i guess they are really that good. Thanks for sharing.

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