12 February, 2009

Will it end?

Things have been sort of crazy around here! 2 out 3 kids are sick and have been home from school. The other one is getting it though! *fingers crossed* that she will fight it off. The baby has been up during the night because pacifiers and stuffy noses don't mix! I have been fighting this head cold for a week now. My hubby has been on this crazy schedule. He is opening the new American Idol Experience at the Disney Hollywood Studios. Today was their huge press junket, the actual experience opens on Valentines day to the public! Therefore, he has been working over nights and barely sleeping during the day. No rest for the weary! So basically he isn't here at home to help out. Then on Saturday, he goes to Daytona Beach to be on the production staff for the Daytona 500. He comes home on Sunday night, just in time to pack and leave Monday morning for a marketing thing in Chicago for a week. ugh!

It is hard to say the least... I say all this to not have a pity party, but to rejoice that he has a job. (at least when I am up at 3am with my sick baby who won't go back to sleep-- that is what I tell myself over and over!) You single mom's out there .... my hat goes off. I only do the single mom thing for a couple weeks every couple of months, but you do it 365- 24/7! I will pray for you often!

That being said, if you could keep us in pray over the next 2 weeks-- I would be grateful. Bloggy land may have to wait for a while until things get back to normal and well! I will catch up when I can. I love all you guys! I am here- just in an alternate universe. :o)


  1. Dearest Jessica said...
    no fun!!! Nate was gone for so long with the Marthon I packed the 2 kids up and stayed at the Sullivans for 4 days! I needed adults to talk to :)

    Hope the kids are feeling better soon.

    Nate's been working with the AI opening too, can you beleive he didn't tell me David Cook was hanging out there today???

    Love ya!
    Alicia said...
    Kelly, I'll be praying for yours and your childrens health, and for God to give you the energy you need!!! I know it's hard to take care of little ones when they're sick, and you're sick too. HUGS!!
    Lori said...
    isn't it hard when hubbies work crazy hours! hope things settle out soon
    Mindy said...
    Praying for you and your little ones!
    Julie said...
    I will be thinking about you and I feel your pain. If you need help, let us know. We are here for you!
    Homesteader in Training said...
    Oh my! You have got your hands full. We all have head colds here right now as well and our anniversary is just around the corner. I pray these days go quickly and everyone recovers quickly as well.
    He And Me + 3 said...
    Praying that they all feel better soon. I know how it is to feel like a single mom, and am so thankful that I am not. I take my hats off to them too. Even though hubby works alot, I know he will eventually be home to help a little of give some adult interaction. Things to look forward too...right??
    Jaime said...
    Oh...now I get the second post (I read it first). That explains your "current situation" in need of the "man pillow." I'll be praying for you. I feel your pain. I'm not a single mom, but I sure have a busy husband also. Looks like we will need to get together again this next week!
    Brandi said...
    Way to get a good perspective. . you are doing so great!

    Praying for you as you "single mom" it . .SOOOOO hard! Makes us appreciate our men, though, huh?!


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