17 January, 2009

Baby's first birthday!!

My sweet girl on her first birthday in her "birthday dress". There is a crown on it and it reads" Birthday Girl"!! I bought it about 6mo. ago for $2.00 on clearance!! Whoo Hoo!!!

It is finally here and gone! Sad... whimper!! She is officially ONE year old! Whew ...where did the year go? I find myself so unbelievably --I almost feel physically overwhelmed with the Lord's goodness! Celebrating her first birthday really is a full circle moment for me in many ways.
She had a great day!! We had my hubby's family in from PA and South Florida which was great! (We have fun planned, so stay tuned!!)

Enjoy the many photos!! Sorry... I am a picture taking addict too!!
This is a cookie that was sent to us in a bouquet of cookies when she was born. We saved the cookies that had her name, weight, and date on them. We froze them and got them out for her first birthday!! She thought they were very tasty!!

This was the mini-version of her BIG cake. Publix gives free baby size cakes for the first birthday for them to "dive" into! Another reason why I heart publix!! (yes, I changed her clothes. I was NOT going to let her get cake all over her pretty dress!!)

And dive she did!!!! It almost ended up on the floor before her sister caught it!

Opening her first present!! I think having Christmas first was good practice. She was a pro when her birthday came around!!

Apparently socks are still good gifts according to her face!!! (they have the traction things on the bottom so mama is happy!!) Chasing her new pooh around!

Big sister being a "present" for her sister!!

Baby girl,

I love you more than you will know!! You are my light, laughter, pride, hope, and future!! I can't wait to see what the next year has in store!! I am so honored to be your mom! Here are the words to our special song:

A tiny turned up nose,

two cheeks just like a rose.

So sweet from head to toes.

That little girl of mine.

Two eyes that shine so bright,

two lips that kiss goodnight,

two arms that hold me tight,

that little girl of mine.

No one will ever know,

just what your coming has meant.

Mommy loves you so,

You're something heaven has sent.

You're all the world to me,

when you sit on mommy's knee,

To me you'll always be,

that little girl of mine!


  1. Lori said...
    Glad to see she had a great birthday... and I love Publix cakes. We actually had them make our wedding cake!
    Everyday Mom Designs said...
    Aww.. so cute and sweet. Leala's first birthday is just around the corner. I can't wait... but then again, I can... They grow up way too fast.. Happy Birthday little girl.
    He And Me + 3 said...
    What a beautiful dress..and a deal too. Such cute pictures too. She did really well. Love your special song. Precious.
    Brittani said...
    I remember feeling like the 1st birthday came so fast, too. My baby girl is turning 4 years old in the morning! The time just keeps speeding by. I can't believe it. Looks like you guys had a great birthday. So cute
    Abby said...
    What a sweet little birthday girl! Happy 1 year to her!
    Jill said...
    Oh Kelly.... Happy Birthday 1st to your "baby"! She's the cutest thing EVER!! Here's to many more.....
    Valarie Daly said...
    Thanks for sharing her special day with us! I've been fighting the tears for a while now with Rachelle. She turned 18 this past Oct. and will be graduating high school in May. I'm overwhelmed with mixed emotions :-) happy and excited for her and also sad because my baby girl is now a young lady! The time does go by so quickly and I just wish I had some of that time back!!! I'm thankful for the close relationship we have and pray that it continues to grow over the years!
    McCrakensx4 said...
    Looks like a super fun party! You got some really great shots! I love the pic of her & the balloons! 1st birthdays are always bitter sweet! Happy Birthday little one!
    Jessica said...
    Happy birthday! It looks like you guys had a great day! First birthdays are bittersweet and so much fun at the same time, I can't believe that Jack is almost 18 months. Why do they have to grow up so fast?!
    Kelly said...
    Happy birthday Savannah! That is my great grandmother song! It brought tears to my eyes.
    Under the Florida Sun said...
    So precious!! Happy Birthday! What a great celebration!!
    Debra said...

    It was so good to see you yesterday at church with Monkey. Dave Ramsey would be so proud of that purchase, huh? lol

    The pics are beautiful, my friend, but there is no comparison to that little beauty in person!

    Blessings to you today!
    All these B's and Me! said...
    Happy 1st birthday to your beautiful little princess.
    Sarah C. said...
    Looks like a wonderful celebration! Your daughter is so cute. Love the fancy birthday dress. :D A very happy belated first birthday to her!
    Jackie Sue said...
    Love your special song! Did you write that just for her? I do that with my girls, but mine are MUCH simpler :) Happy Birthday Miss Savannah Rose!
    Kelly said...
    Actually my grandmother used to sing to all of us grandkids. We each took it away with us and have sung it to all our kids!! :o)
    DanielleW said...
    I know that song!

    It looks like she liked her cake. My ds forked his to death but didn't care for it at all. Maybe ate 3 little bites that his mother forced him to try. He still doesn't have much of a sweet tooth.

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