22 October, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

I usually don't bother with birthdays, but since having older kids... well.... I can't get away with not celebrating it. They insist! This birthday was no different! I started my morning opening my e-mail to many birthday greetings! Family, friends, e-cards, and greetings from companies I didn't even know had my e-mail address!! I would like to say that I got a personal "happy birthday" from Rascall Flatts, but I guess they say that to all the girls in their fan club!! :o)

I then got some handmade cards from the kids! I love handmade cards! I keep all their handmade cards in a box to see the progression of their greetings. From little scribble lines to "mom, you are the best!" I got a nice card from the hubby! I would prefer he just take me to the card store and "read" me one to save on $$-- I throw them out in a couple of days anyway! But, in anycase, it was a very nice card that came with a can of chocolate covered almonds! Mmmm, my favorite! Everyone went on their way to school and work! I took a nice long walk and enjoyed this beautiful FL weather with the dog and the baby!

I took a trip to Target to get some stuff for the kid's lunches and happened to stop by the ladies clearance clothing section! I found some cute little gems. Hey, a girl can splurge from time to time! After school, my mom, niece, and nephew came by to spread their happy greetings!
After they left, I thought... Hubby is crazy if he thinks I am cooking on my b-day!! He said he would pick up Subway! Okay, I can live with that! He walked in the door with subway, a cookie cake, and a rose bush!! The cookie cake was covered with all sorts of candy! I am such a sweet tooth! The picture totally gives away my age, but oh well!! The kids insisted on numeral candles! One little one would have worked!! I had to hold "monkey's" hand cuz she kept trying to put her hand in it! I can't wait till her birthday!!

I love roses!!! My daughter's middle name is Rose! We found out a long time ago that roses are cheaper and provide years of enjoyment when bought in a bush and planted in my rose garden!! I now have 4 rose bushes!! They also make wonderful pick me ups for teachers when they are in bloom! Just a little clip with the gardening shears is the only expense you incur! Of course don't cut your finger or it could get really expensive if you have to go to the ER!! :o)

We don't do birthday gifts for the adults in our extended family. We all get together and the birthday person gets to pick anywhere they want to go for dinner!! We will be doing that Sunday after church! I picked the Elephant Bar! I can't wait!! It is one of my favorite places! (hopefully, I will remember my camera!)

Well, that was my day in a nutshell!! This post's for you Brandi!! :o)


  1. Dearest Jessica said...
    What a fun day! Things change as we get older. I found the same thing with abbie she does not believe it was our birthday if we didn't have a cake!

    Happy Birthday sweet friend, we need to do lunch before i get to busy! :)
    Kelly said...
    Happy birthday! It sounds like you had a great day!
    Lindsey said...
    Happy birthday (belated)! :-) Thanks for following my blog!

    I love the picture of your baby helping walk the dog, too! So cute! lol I don't have a dog but my mom does and whenever I take my daughter over there (she's almost 6 months), she acts like she wants to eat him up! I want to get a pet when she's a little older... a cat or something since we live in an apartment, probably. :-)
    Under the Florida Sun said...
    Sounds like a great birthday. Happy Belated birthday.

    I too spend my B-Day in Target. I love to just stroll the aisles, so that was part of my gift from my family.. a trip to Target.. LOL.

    Love the yellow rose bush. I have been looking for yellow ones for a long time. Looks like I need to head down your way to find one ;-)
    Barbara said...
    Happy birthday! Your kids are cute. I also love handmade cards.
    DanielleW said...
    What fun. Now me on the other hand, LOVE my birthday and want everyone to know and I don't care one iota if people know how old I am. Usually they can't believe it anyway. LOL

    Hope your day was as special as you are and I'm glad you allowed your family to bless you.

    (I did tell you birthday around your day right?)

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