03 September, 2008

"Nim's Island" Review

Friday nights are our "slumber party" nights! The kids look forward to this EVERY Friday without fail! We come together after a busy week , put on our PJ's, cook some popcorn, watch a movie, play a game... whatever! Then the kids get to sleep together on the floor in each other's rooms or in my bed! Anyway, last Friday night was movie night thanks to our netflix membership! Our movie was "Nim's Island". What a cute movie! It was full of action, humor, drama, and life lessons! (For you techno. geeks... the CGI wasn't all that impressive, but the kids couldn't tell the difference!)
It gave the kids a great picture of how while reading a book you can imagine the pages to life! So cool! It also taught them how if you put your mind to anything you can overcome life's biggest challenges and be the hero! Also that heros come in many different shapes, sizes, and packages!! I don't want to tell you too much about it incase you want to see it. Jodi Foster, Abigail Bresslin, and Gerard Butler were fantastic!! Definitely a movie to see!! For more information and synopsis got to Kids in Mind!!


  1. Julie said...
    How fun!!! What a great family idea!!
    Julie :)
    MacCárthaigh Family said...
    Hello there,
    found you at 'living life where shoes are an option'. I saw this movie last week. My son and I watched it and liked it!

    God bless.

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