24 September, 2008

New source for Stem Cells!

This is pretty exciting to me. New, different, and weird to think of at first but worth it!! During this election season with stem cell research being a topic of interest, there is a study out that gives us a new way we can preserve our own stem cells and save them for , God forbid, any future need. According to the BBC online and many other sources, (just look it up in your search engine) baby teeth can be a source for stem cells. I was prompted to research this a bit more when my pediatrician told me yesterday that when the kid's baby teeth fall out, freeze them immediately. Save the teeth in the freezer to preserve any cells. The "gold" is in the pulp of the baby tooth! I believe that wisdom teeth in adults can have the same cells too.

I am all for any new and exciting ways to find stem cells if it means we pull our focus away from embryonic stem cells!!


  1. Julie said...
    That is really cool. I wish I would have known when all of the kids teeth started falling out. I could have saved so many teeth already. But, lucky for us, there are lots more to come!!! =0)
    Amber said...
    Very interesting! Your kids are beautiful!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Great to meet another sister in Christ

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