30 September, 2008

Ahhh, Publix!!

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So if you don't know, I have made it my goal to get my grocery budget down to $50.00 per week. Yes, I make a couple trips here and there through out the week to get staples like eggs, milk, bread. The major shopping is done usually at Publix and for under $50.00! I have a family of 5 and so far it has been going very well. How do I do it, you ask?

To start I wait until thursday when the weekly circular is online. I then view it on line. The online circular has a shopping list feature that rocks!! You view the item in the circular, say yes I need that, and click "add". At the end of viewing and adding, I then print out my list. The lists is divided up into categories like, dairy, frozen etc. It also tells you what sale that item falls under. (You can also add the quanity you are going to buy-- Keeps me insanely organized when I am at the store!) Then in the next column it will tell you the price per item if it isn't BOGO. I then take my list to my blog sites that I check weekly for coupon match -ups. I print out my coupons. Some sites usually need you to download a coupon printer. Should be fine. I haven't had any issues with virus or such.

TIP: Most coupon printers will enable you to print two coupons as a max. You just have to hit the back arrow and resend the information. Also, any coupon that comes in a PDF form can be printed numerous times!

I usually use Cassie's site and those sites participating in BeCentsable's Grocery Gathering! (Southern Savers, Fiddlededee) You can use the Becentsable website for other stores as well. They are ALL listed there! Follow the same rules and go for it!

After I do those match-ups, I then go to my coupon stash to see what else will match up. Then I wait... I wait until Sunday when I get the Sunday ads. There are usually 2-4 more coupons in there that I can use for my week's trip. Then on Monday, I am off to Publix to do my magic!! I stock up on items we always use. I buy as many as I have coupons for when they are BOGO. (The first week you start, you will go over budget to get the "stash" going, then you won't need to buy that item later!) One week I will stock up on extras so that the next week they have a good meat sale, I stock up and use my budget on meat!

All it takes is about 20 minutes to do your match-ups. If I can do it... you can. I used to hate coupons and think it was a waste of my time. I went in and got what I wanted and got out. I am now realizing that it isn't that hard and time to clip is time to save $. Especially in this economy! My hubby works hard for his money, and I can help by saving as much as I can!!
REMEMBER: If you buy 2 items that are B1G1 make sure you use 2 coupons to get the best deal. Publix accepts competitors coupons (you can stack with a manufacturers coupon and a Publix coupon too) . You can use a store coupon ( Food Lion, Target, Harveys, Albertsons etc.) and a manufacturer’s coupon on the same item! Double your fun!!

Just as an example... here is this past week's trip breakdown:

4 boxes of GM cereal : bogo and coupons
2 cans Planters peanuts: bogo and coupons
2 boxes Gourmet frozen pretzels: bogo and coupons
2 packages Klondike bars: bogo and coupons
2 boxes banquet sausage: bogo
2 bags rosetto stuffed pasta: bogo and coupons
8 boxes of BC fruit snacks : bogo and coupons
2 boxes nabisco single serve snacks: bogo and coupons
2 boxes of strawberries: sale
3 boxes of blueberries: sale
2 bottles Ocean spray juice: bogo and coupons
2 bottles of Huggies baby wash: bogo and coupons

Total retail: $119.85
Total OOP: $ 47.14
Savings of : $ 72.71 WOO HOO!!

Huggies baby wash wasn't exactly a grocery item, but it was cheap!! I didn't need any meats because I got it all last week!! This week was all extras and snacks!! Next week will be more meat!!

My most important tips for being successful!
1. Stick to the list
2. be flexible in what you eat
5. If you are in doubt about a coupon, check the stores coupon policy! Publix's is here!


  1. Jackie Sue said...
    I want to be able to do this too, but I still don't get the coupon deal...where do you get them AND where's the meat on your list???
    Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...
    Great job Kelly!! Isn't it fun to get the hang of this?
    Dearest Jessica said...
    I am so proud of you! It's so fun to be able to do this.

    We are going to start a small group every other Wednesday night to discuss ways to be frugal. Join us it will be fun!
    Kelly said...
    The small group sounds interesting!! It feels good to be able to contribute to the family finances in a round about sort of way!! Thanks for the encouragement!

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