12 August, 2008

So, I have been reading a lot and hearing a lot about the health benefits of Flax seed. (the benefits are endless) The three main ingredients to yield these benefits are Omega 3, fiber, and lignans. It comes in three different forms: flax seeds, ground (milled) flax seed, and flax seed oil!

Flax seeds are really difficult to consume. You have to "shell" them to get the benefits of them. You then can eat the seeds like sunflower seeds or put them in salad, cereal etc. If you don't "shell" them, your body won't break it down and you will just pass the seed. The oil is good, however, it make you "go" a lot more than you want!! My favorite... ground (milled) flax seed!!

This is amazing stuff!! It is almost tasteless. It has a little nutty taste, but not too much! The biggest PRO is that you you don't have to do any work to get to it and can hide it in almost anything!! My kids don't even know it is there! I put in my spaghetti sauce last night. Didn't even flinch!! I sprinkled it over their cereal this morning! I can put in their yogurt, ice cream, bake it into pancakes, add it to juice, sprinkle it on french toast, even better for me... bake into brownies!! I am really excited about this little thing I can do for my family's health that can reap HUGE benefits! You only need 2-4 tbls a day!
You can get this at any whole foods or natural food store, but I got mine from Sam's Club! Yup! I was so excited! I got this big tub (40 oz) for $9.47! This such a great price! 1 lb of flax seeds is @ the same price, however you then need to "shell" them and grind them into a powder to use it like I do!
Anyone have other ideas on how to use ground flax seed ... comment and share!!


  1. Raj said...
    Im so exited about this little seed. I have been using ground flax seed in the United States but didn't realize that flax seed has so much benefits. After moving to India our family just discovered that it is available here too.

    Anyways thanks for your informative article on flaxseed.
    Kelly said...
    I am finding so many uses for it. Today I was at a restaurant and they had flax seed muffins! I think it is catching on!! Thanks for stopping by!

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