09 August, 2008

Well, we did it and it is over!! Thank you Lord!! So much prep. for such little return! At least that is how some people see it. I see it as, I purged some stuff from my house, made it available to bless someone else with for little cost ,and then gave away the rest to charity! As long as it doesn't end up back in my house, life is good! This was also a very good lesson for my kids in not being materialistic, holding onto material things, and blessing others. Before they would be devastated if I would try and give away some of their stuff. Today they showed some real growth in that area and I am really proud of them. They have a way to go, but don't we all!
I was amazed by the people that came with trucks and you could tell that they had been "shopping" all morning and making their rounds. When we ask ourselves how can some of the people in our society survive on very little salary? The answer is garage sales like ours. Someplace they can go to buy what they need or want for very inexpensive! How great to be involved in helping our fellow man trying to make it through these hard economic times just like us, but sometimes in a bigger way. When a little one comes running to his mom and says, " mom that is the exact toy I wanted and it is only $1.00!!" Makes my heart go pitty pat!! :o)

It did rain for about 30 minutes, but it was all good! I think our grand total at the end was about $35.00 for me and $50.00 for my mom. Considering that most of the stuff that sold were little $1.00 and .50 cent items, not bad.
Monday, I am off to the Goodwill!

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  1. A More Simple Life said...
    I myself love a good garage sale. My sister still takes her little one almost every saturday for the "sales!" Congrats on your small fortune! Better yet, hallelujah for a more clutter free home!!!


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