16 July, 2008

Shark Steam Mop

I love new products that make my life simple and fast!! The new product that is my new best friend is the "Shark Steam Mop". I have watched the infomercials and wondered if it really works! I hinted around to several people that I would love to try it! So finally my husband got it for me for mother's day. You would think... what a stupid mother's day gift, but I was thrilled! (flowers die way too fast and chocolate makes me fat!)

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised! You fill up the container, plug it in, put on the reusable cloth and off you go! I also love the fact that you don't have to use chemicals on your floor. I have heard that there is nothing like good ole steam cleaning to disinfect. With an infant that will be crawling around sooner than I know, I hate the thought of the floor cleaners getting on her hands and feet and then going right into her mouth. You have to let the thing steam up a bit before using so that the cloth gets saturated, but then you are golden! I also like that fact that it doesn't put out a cloud of steam all the time to burn you or anyone standing near by. The steam activates when you push the mop in the "mopping" motion!

Does it work, you ask... well as they say "the proof is in the pad"! My white pads are black with grime when I am done. (eewhh, does that say something about my floors?) I actually used this on my bathroom floor to remove 3 mo. worth of sticky hairspray caked on the floor. Yup, with a few passes and patience, it got it all up! (floor cleaners just made a sticky mess of it) I use it on my ceramic tile and my wood laminate floor. You can also order a carpet glider to make it slide over your carpet and freshen it up!

The only things I dislike about it are the long cord that gets in the way and the small water container. I can do one bathroom , but then have to refill.

I am impressed so far! No more disposable pads or cleaners to buy! ( the pads just get thrown into the wash and air dried.) Just good ole steam!!

disclaimer: no $ has been made from this review-- this is a simple review to inform :o)


  1. Jaciromer said...
    Well, aren't you just the creative one? Your blog is just full of good information (and cute pictures). More power to you girly. Love it!
    Sarah said...
    I love products that make lif better. Thanks for the recommendation!

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