18 July, 2008

Friendship Fridays

Today I am honoring my two very special friendships! These two gals have been in my life since Nathaniel was 1 yr. old. I don't know what I would do without them! We started out in the same playgroup in the neighborhood that we all lived in! It kept going and dwindled in size, however, some of us just became really close and stuck together. We aren't just playgroup buddies anymore. We are family! We have been through illness, miscarriages, family issues-- you name it. We have been there, TOGETHER!!

PC-- thanks for your humor, your steadfastness, your genuine concern for my issues and life, your PASSION :o), Just thanks for being you and letting me be me! I love you!!

Ann Marie-- thanks for knowing I needed to cry at Starbucks and bringing me chocolate!! Thanks for your medical expertise, your love, thanks for our sister hood in Christ, thanks for keeping our friendship a priority!! I love you!

Looking forward to us three being old , decrepit, and gray and still sitting together sharing our lives together!!

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  1. Jess said...
    Very sweet!

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